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Madeleine Kunin, former Ward 5 Resident and first woman Governor of Vermont

“I am happy to endorse Burlington's City Council President, Karen Paul, to be the next mayor and the first woman mayor of Burlington. She has the vision and the professional and political capabilities to be a new and effective leader for the Queen City. She was unanimously elected Council President proving her ability to work with all parties. I have known Karen for years, and know she will follow through on her promises to the people of Burlington.”


Howard Dean, former Vermont Governor and current Ward 5 resident

“We can’t solve the problems of Burlington unless we are working together. Karen will be a leader who brings people together. Karen is the leader Burlington needs.”

Phillip Baruth, Vermont Senate President Pro Tempore and Burlington resident

“As City Council President, Karen has handled tough issues, tougher budgets, and she’s brought a coalition for change along with her. She’s a bridge builder - not a bridge burner - and in this particular moment we’re lucky to have her stepping into the race. I trust her to lead the city I love, and where she leads, I will follow.”  

Bianka Cimrin, former City Councilor Ward 7

"As the first New American woman to serve on the City Council in Burlington, I’ve seen firsthand Karen’s dedication to making Burlington a safe and affordable place for everyone. I passionately endorse her as the next, and the first woman, Mayor of the Queen City. She is a coalition builder, and her dedication to addressing the concerns of our city's residents is unparalleled, always looking for ways to build consensus towards a stronger Burlington. She understands the needs of the New North End and is the kind of leader we need now."

Sarah Carpenter, City Councilor Ward 4

"I am so pleased to be here supporting my colleague, City Council President Karen Paul. When I ran for city council after years as the Executive Director of the Vermont Housing Finance Agency, promoting housing policy with the state and the legislature, I was sort of like a deer in the headlights about how to manage my hometown politics.


Off the bat Karen was there for me. She gave me the early foundations to being a successful City Councilor and showed me how important it was to listen to our constituents, do the work of follow through, and get things done. Karen is the epitome of that. Her skill at working with city departments, council colleagues from all political walks of life, and getting to yes for the greater good is why Karen is the best woman to lead our city into the future."

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