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How Karen has Addressed the Issues that Matter to You


“Tackle our fiscal challenges using her professional financial expertise” – Karen has done that with her approach to some of our greatest financial issues.  She did the legwork to bring to the public our city’s audit for the first time in a decade and has strived for best financial practices; as a CPA, has worked to address our financial challenges and fully restore our city’s credit rating which she considers our top priority.


“Advocate for neighborhood quality of life issues important to you” – Karen has advocated for many quality of life issues: 

  • participated in foot patrols in college neighborhoods, 

  • advocated for funding these patrols to address noise issues, 

  • has been calling landlords whose properties incur noise complaints every Monday for over 8 years that has, in part, resulting in significant double-digit percentage declines in noise complaints in Ward 6.  

  • worked with Senator Leahy’s office to get large trucks off our City streets by increasing the truck weight on our interstates, a change that required Congressional approval. 


“Work to support important social issues and initiatives” – Karen was the author and lead sponsor of a resolution that created the 5 Star system for Certificates of Compliance which rewards landlords who are responsible for maintaining quality housing and holds others accountable. This adds another tool for renters to educate themselves about landlords and their properties.  The system is now live on the City’s website and a further resolution sponsored by Karen has expanded outreach so tenants group, institutions and other advocacy groups know who to encourage renters to use this tool. Karen was a sponsor on banning smoking on the Church Street Marketplace as well as supporting the $15 minimum wage and welcoming immigrants as our nation’s policy.


“To keep you informed so you know what’s happening in your City” – Karen has kept you informed with her “blue newsletter” that goes out to every resident in Ward 6, with a preview on Front Porch Forum of every Council meeting since 2009 so you know what is on each Council agenda in advance and with frequent updates on social media.  Karen welcomes input from you and responds to emails and calls, often within 24 hours of their receipt.

“Work to support harm reduction and aggressively address our opioid crisis” – Karen was the author and lead sponsor of the resolution in support of exploring an Overdose Prevention Site and other methods of harm reduction in Burlington, as well as ongoing training and education for the Council and community on opioid and substance use disorder. She worked to bring Narcan training to the Council, a drug that can effectively, in many cases, reverse an overdose.

“Work to address our Climate Emergency” – Karen was a sponsor of a resolution declaring a climate emergency and the City’s ambitious efforts to be a Net Zero Energy city with a Roadmap to bring us to that goal by 2030.

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